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Performance at your fingertips Get more tattoos out of your bottle

Over the past 9 years EBA EnduraColor has been used and trusted by over 100 of the busiest water parks around the globe and thousands of airbrush tattoo business owners. This is a true test of quality, longevity and safety that no others can claim. Although EnduraColor can last up to 2 weeks on certain types of skin and body parts it is safe and professional to claim an average of 3-7 days of lasting results.

EBA EnduraColor will provide your business with the following BENEFITS:

SAVE MORE. Unlike water based paints or other highly diluted paints where more layers must be applied to achieve the right shade, EnduraColor has excellent coverage. Only a small amount of paint is needed to create incredibly vibrant colors. Use less paint. Get more tattoos out of your bottle. Save more money.

MAKE MORE. As opposed to water based paints EnduraColor dries right away allowing you to move from one customer to another quicker and from one color to another without smudging the paint. Water based paints tend to have a longer drying time as the alcohol in the alcohol based paints evaporates instantaneously.

CREATE UNLIMITED COLORS AND SHADES EnduraColor has an amazing ability to blend colors directly on the skin to create many other colors and shades. This means that you do not have to carry all colors and dozens of airbrushes. 6-8 airbrushes with 6-8 colors will provide you with any color and shade that you can possible imagine.

SAFE. SAFE. SAFE. All ingredients are approved by the FDA and are of the highest cosmetic grade. Only pharmaceutical grade alcohol is used in the paint, the same alcohol that is used by doctors and in perfumes, soaps and other products. Furthermore, EBA hired a professional company to ensure its safety by conducting a skin PATCH TEST/ RIPT where 50 individuals of different genders and ages skin tested the paint.

USE WITH AIRBRUSHES OR COLOR CHANGERS. Our paint is compatible with bottom and top feed airbrushes and works great with color changers.

EXPERIENCE REALISTIC COLORS. EnduraColor is made with realistic

and vibrant appearance in mind.

LESS CLOGGING. With EnduraColor you will experience less clogging and more spraying time.

APPLY GLITTER TATTOOS-FAST. No more messy adhesives. Simply apply airbrush tattoo, add glitter on top of it and give it a quick spray with ProEndura clear coat to get beautiful glitter tattoos.

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Endura Face Off - SFX Color Kit
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Our Price: CAD $199.00
Endura Face Off - Undead Color Kit
List Price: CAD $199.00
Our Price: CAD $199.00
Endura Tattoo Paints 6 pack 1 oz
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